my love feels all wrong (april 2009)

8 horribly produced dancefloor clearers that are as good evidence as any that my love is all wrong.


1. tatu’d lolis (extended mix)
2. pirupi! fuck!!
3. nyan (nyan mix)
4. annual hair wash
5. hashi dashi 2: return of the funubashi
6. rushi 2: return of the diclonius
7. nhk!?
8. nyan (nnnyyyaaannn mix)

download (42mb zip)

otakutone mega high speed remix party album! (march 2009)

12 rubbish extratone tracks, released on 1000 + extratone netlabel.


1. extra strawberries
2. fuck cannon
3. break into my house and rape my sister
4. speed ouija
5. hshi!!!
6. this cat fast as fuck
7. scramble my eggs to fuck
8. fuuuuuckkkkk!!!
9. hina!.hax
10. wssshhh!!!
11. chiyo fucked off her face
12. speed!virgin

download (11mb)

old shit wot never got released but now kind of has in this nifty little zip file (september 2008)

old tracks from summer 2007 i never released (before now, obviously).


1. usagi… aishite imasu!!
2. LDN
3. girt fuck off bombs and shit
4. gomenasai, rushi

download (12mb)

where is soda pop and apple sweets? (september 2008)

bunch of tracks made (mostly) in 2008.


1. chiyopop!
2. nekonekoneko
3. hashi dashi funubashi
4. tonkatsu?! tonkatsu.
5. miss fluffy is all scared of ouija boards
6. my ultimate weapon is the china cannon attached to my groin
7. seerafuku dakara desu
8. chiyopop?
9. megamaidpedoslut

download (44mb)

tomboyish love for daughter (july 2008)

some tracks made 2008, sum wernt.


1. いま、会いにゆきます
2. 5th grade
3. lolil0_0pz
4. crabs
5. strawberry cheesecake
6. netsaosa
7. 根!お兄ちゃん!
8. scrambled eggz0rh@x
9. winkles twinkle
10. puffyuffypuffpuff

download (32mb)

わたしわばかやろです (summer 2007)

just after goreshit stopped being a black metal band.


1. Daddy ft Shred Wilson
2. Fuckdog
3. I Wanna Have Your Babies
4. Rushi
5. Goretrance 1

download (28mb)

split releases!?

Fainaru 3/goreshit/Lolishiiit/Japshitfun split (early 2009)

4 way split released on UGU.


(my tracks;)

1. high speed! strawberry
2. L is for ice cream and cake
3. crush on a virgin
4. same old chiyo shit

has 5 tracks from Fainaru 3, 16 tracks from Japshitfun, and 8 tracks from Lolishiiit.

download (50mb)

split with dj ninja love mistake (october 2008)

released on UGU


(my tracks;)

1. shit palette
2. i hope you ejaculate inside me
3. phone stalking kagami
4. iwasakichan
5. a flat chest is fine, too
6. serial experiments lain -alternative op-
7. come over to my house
8. mikuru beam (no.305 cover)
9. noise danse muxx toofowsandanate ver 1.1 beta

download (78 mb)


Oh Fuck! (Another Shitty Internet Compilation) (April 2009)

compilation from Abstract Disco. has my track annual hair wash on it. has loadsa other cool bands on it, too.

download (56mb)

discography 2006-2008

all releases from 2006 to 2008; 28 tracks. released on Abstract Disco. fucking idiots…


download (117mb)

Noise Noise! Compilation.1; Beatageddon (october 2008)

release from Noise! Noise! distro. got a bunch of cool shit on it. features my track yamabuki faggits.

download (104mb)

other shit

goreshit’s mothers day 2009 mixtape

a mixtape made specially by me for YOU on mothersday. 200+ of my favouritest tracks mixed into 15 minutes of disgusting bliss.

download (21mb)

dhr 10 minute muxx

played on Dirty Hardcore Radio on the 28th september 2008.

download (14mb)

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