Bubblegum Luv – new otaku netlabel!

coming soon…

we gonna be doing net releases n limited run handmade cdrs/tapes/whatever of stuff. we have a website n myspace and whatever soon when we all ready to go.

…so if ye interested in releasing shit on it, contact me, n we get it done ^_^


eXXX.caliborg error

new song. here. enjoy.



another new song. also here. i’m very, very sorry.

goreshit w/ bombs

i haven’t done shit, but the other day i did sme shit collaboration with Girls w/ Bombs. might be more tracks, and possibly a release or something. i don’t know.

avert your attention to here for just one moment, and listen to it, if you so desire.

in other news, you should probably download this;

ata kak
obaa sima


awsome ghanaian high-life tape. worth the download purely for the title track. fucking wicked.

download it here!!

ALSO!!! if you don’t have the new DJ Sharpnel album yet, go get it!!


some fucking awsome tracks on it (MEGAMIX = <3!!)

alright. well. i’m gonna try and make new stuff soon, i promise. go listen to the girls w/ bombs collaboration track. go on.


mother’s day mixtape tracklist!

due to popular demand (i count FOUR whole people!), here is the tracklisting for my mother’s day 2009 mixtape, and it took me fucking ages, so i hope they are grateful.

Gas – Königsforst (Track 1)
Melt Banana – Introduction For Charlie
god is my co-pilot – handsome molly
set fire to flames – Deja Comme Des Trous De Vent Comme Reproduit
arab on radar – my mind is a muffler
battles – Sz2
coachwhips – you gonna get it
キャラメル – ウッーウッーウマウマ(゚∀゚) (Speedcake Remix)
bjork – cocoon
plus-tech squeeze box – fiddle-dee-dee!!
autechre – Ipacial Section
deep turtle – miss elliot
monsoon basoon – the very best of bad luck ’97

keiji haino – what stalking fate!
slint – carol
ethnic minority music of north vietnam – Song From Bin Lu
my bloody valentine – cigerrete on your bed
basic channel – Quadrant Dub I Edit
KEIKO – God Knows ? (Susumiya haruhi no yuutsu Remix)
crystal castles – magic spells
keator – pleasure to kill
dj sharpnel – Evangelion Generation
rumah sakit – stomachache
crass – berkertex bribe
daemien frost – duck gait parade
cardiacs – hope day

Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Puen – You Should Die By Bullets
dj sharpnel – OTAKU SPEEDVIBE
black flag – thirsty and miserable
7 year rabbit cycle – heart the size of texas
devo – sib
big black – fish fry
made in mexico – black rabbit
bellini – the best song on a star ship
cardiacs – the whole world window
the hospitals – bbpv
deerhoof – cooper
mr oizo – flat beat
ruins – vrresto

helloween – twilight of the gods
marusha – raveland (wicked mix)
vader – vicious circle
Radio Thailand – rubber of high quality
monster killed by laser – riggs, i hear you say riggs
us maple – stuck

big’n – king of mexico
jesus lizard – boilermake
mini moni – lucky cha cha cha
miles davis – Pharaoh’s Dance
breadwinner – tourettes
supercar – cream soda
trg – killed it dead
ilium – Plexiglass Cube (track 2)

bilge pump – brown ale for sister sarah
boredoms – Budokan Tape Try (500 Tapes High)
trencher – blondes of meth
exhaust – metro mile end
rapeman – monobrow
lynx – mrs. lynx
teenage jesus and the jerks – orphans
stars of the lid – Avec Laudenum (part 2)

nomeansno – brainless wonder
the mae shi – Crimes Of Infancy
rachel’s – Saccharin
5ive – the baron
hood – With Branches Bare
crucifux – You Give Me The Creeps
burial – near dark
nas – life’s a bitch

halcali – twinkle star
atari teenage riot – speed
don caballero – cold kness (in april)
the cranium – there Are No Rabbits In My Hat, (Yes, Yes, Yes, I Am A Traitor To My Sex!)
morbid angel – nothing is not
dx pasta – steampunk
thee speaking canaries – Hall Of Force Gone Bad So Glad Reprise
polaris – kissing

kit – star sign
源屋 Feat. NANO – 冒険でしょでしょ?
múm – awake on a train
storm ad stress – o when my lady comes
james chance and the contortions – throw me away
hella – The Devil Isn’t Red
nicole 12 – ballerina
uzeda – big lies

deerhoof – Lamour Stories
ll cool j – mama said knock you out
zoviet france – ram
shorty – coopie n me
xbxrx – Deceiver’s Voice
don cab – Let’s Face It Pal, You Didn’t Need That Eye Surgery
bogdan raczynski – there are many things
harvey milk – mother’s day

bad brains – sailing on
andy kerr – punctured
hunting lodge – warning to birds
mad capsule markets – midi surf
mystifier – give the human devil his due
rudimentary peni – farce
dark angel – the death of innocence
anal cunt – i’ll slice your fucking throat (gg allin cover)

slowdive – machine gun
that fucking tank – making a meal for beethoven
pestilence – dehydrated
pig destroyer – pixie
quasimoto – astro black
gay beast – what you want

hissanol – anamosh
american football – never meant
sweep the leg johnny – sometimes my balls feel like tits
country teasers – success
william basinski – The Garden Of Brokenness
afrirampo – i did are
polmo polpo – kiss me and kiss me again
nomiko – skip

gallhammer – speed of blood
dune – can’t stop raving
mia – bird flu
chevreuil – cannibal lover
the fucking champs – Children Perceive The Hoax Cluster
codeine – loss leader
2 unlimtied – no limit
Claudia – under my skin

kmd – who me?
evol intent – era of diversion
technohead – let the music go
boredoms – Super Going
bathroy – woman of dark desires
dilute – alphabet
william d drake – packman
melvins – skeeter

fly pan am – Univoque/Equivoque
this heat – rimp ramp romp
gwar – i’m in love (with a dead dog)
boris – blackout
rudientary peni – poppies
swans – your property
an albatross – We Are The Lazer Viking (track 6)
crom-tech – ii men for lord dorpal

oxes – bees won
Xiu Xiu & Grouper – forgot the name of the track…
7 year rabbit cycle – wake up!
pink and brown – famous anus
Keiko Utoku – you can do anything
antiloop – in your face
lesbian boy – kinder
sepultura – morbid visions

ethnic minority music of southern laos – jing riang
shit and shine – the rabbit song
sea nymphs – dog eat spine
ex models – three weeks
justice – stress
delta 9 – my brain
entombed – wolverine blues
holy terror – no ressurection

mf doom – fastlane
mobb deep – eye for an eye (your beef is mine)
charlottefield – nine tails
oingo boingo – little girls
richie hawtin – shufflephunk
great kat – satan says

aphex – 54 Cymru Beats
earth – Bureaucratic Desire For Revenge Parts 1
sunn 0))) – HELL-O)))-WEEN
upsilon acrux – I’m Afraid They’re Using Robots
Hangedup – Kinetic Work
magik markers – i trust my guitar, etc
noxagt – naked in france
hrvatski – routine exercise

godspeed you ! black emperor – sleep
the edmund fitzgerald – two broke kids bikes
fugazi – waiting room
pinhead nation – where’s herne bay?
whitehouse – why you never became a dancer
cakebuilder – book of the dead
cannibal corpse – pounded into dust
spank rock – backyard betty

piglet – caramel
do make say think – the end of music
sleeping people – nasty portion
dj scotch egg – scotch chicken
sonic youth – shadow of a doubt
Einstürzende Neubauten – Steh Auf Berlin
polysics – each life each end
少女病 – 未完成さぷりめんと

cocteau twins – loreli
sabot – Salvage (i think?)
unknown artist – Pleng Keh Sam Sip Sam Natee
とろ美 – だっしゅ で えすけーぷ
tim hecker – Neither More Nor Less
lightning bolt – Fleeing The Valley Of The Whir
june of 44 – Mindel
90 day men – sweater queen

The Jasmine Isle, Gamelan Music (some track from the cd)
m1dy – psycho farm
windsor for the derby – the egg
1-speed bike – Why Are All The Doges Dying Of Cancer? (i think…)
wives – all dads alike
monno – defekt
maffuw bahgah – backwards train, english weather, hills
butterglove – lisa’s world

sleepytime – powerless
limited express (has gone?) – go! girl! goal!
black sheep – the choice is yours
hanson brothers – unsung heros
shellac – watch song
supercar – strobolights
the birthday party – junkyard
wesley willis – never kill an ape

celtic frost – Into the Crypts of Rays
me & my – dub-i-dub
nisennenmondai – live at upset the rhythm
sash! – ecuador – summer party
dagger brothers – the real danny evans
fushitsusha – double live (disc 1, track 2)

well, there it is. what a waste of fucking time.

trying to make things all better

in a vain attempt to make this blog thing more acceptable, and to make myself look like slightly less of an idiot, i’ve added a page with all my musics on it, so now it’s more like a website, see? no? i know… still….

i been listening to this a lot, an i think you should too. so i uploaded it, JUST FOR YOU! took me forever to find it;

少女病 (girldisease)
admiration -I’ve Respect arrange vocal album-


has tracks by とろ美, amongst others, so you know it’s good.

download it!! (65mb)

ok, i’m off to the World. you know… the world. that orc ain’t gonna level itself!


all bored and lazy limbed.

i got real fuckin bored and joined the lame internet blogging shit comminuty. i dunnea know why. whatever. one thing i DO know, is that you should probably listen to this;

look forward to two splits with two of my bestest friends! so0n! when i stop being all lazy.

bai bai!